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By , 14/02/2013

We have all so far focused on what Adwords have taken away from us during the Enhanced Campaigns roll out and in fairness what they have taken away, will in my opinion have quite a major initial impact on us. Nobody likes change and most of us have structured our accounts in such a way that campaigns were split out by desktop and mobile. Enhanced Campaigns has effectively ended this account structure, but they have allowed us to set different mobile bids and set preferred mobile ads. Well I tried this, and my preferred mobile ad has been displayed on desktop more times than it has been displayed on mobile. So with this in mind, I would advise you to be wary and amend you ad text to ensure it is relevant to both desktop and mobile!

Enhanced Campaigns

A lot of people are smarting over the decision to make us auto opt-in for tablets with most not accepting the Google rationale that desktops and tablets are “Starting to look the same”. This decision isn’t really that surprising considering we saw a rise of *36% in tablet CPCs during 2012. Yet it is also worth pointing out that *tablet conversions (2.6%) were better than mobile conversions (1.6%) in 2012. So will the fact that Google are forcing everyone on to tablets be for their own benefit? It could be, but of course it will benefit Google as they wouldn’t do it otherwise.

I must admit, so far I have focused only on what I have lost and given no attention to the new features Enhanced Campaigns have provided. So I thought I would take the opportunity to do this now.

Offer Extensions

Firstly, I thought I would point out that this extension does not benefit anyone who doesn’t have an offline presence. The purpose of this extension is to ‘Drive in-store traffic and conversions with your online ads’ I tried to see if there was a way around this by stating that the offer could only be redeemed via a call centre or website. But this will never work as the offer will always state ‘How to use: In-store’ there is simply no way of changing this.

Enhanced Campaigns

Adwords do make a point of stating that the offer extension is only available to customers in the US, but the offer extensions I tested yesterday have shown up fine in UK searches.

Verdict: I can see this being a great tool for businesses with an offline channel, a couple of my clients could really benefit.

Call Extensions

This is a huge improvement for two reasons, firstly if you have upgraded, using the Google forwarding number is now FREE, instead of the flat fee of $1.00, £1.00, €1.00 per completed call. Secondly, call conversion data will appear as conversions in your account for calls that last longer than a set amount time. Adwords defaults this time to be 60 seconds, but you can change it.

Enhanced Campaigns

Verdict: This is a brilliant upgrade for more than just Pizzerias, everyone with a telephony sales channel will benefit from this!

Enhanced Campaigns

Sitelink Extensions

There are a couple of subtle changes here and one major change. The subtle changes are that you can now create these extensions for campaign or ad group level and there is better reporting available, I particularly like the ‘This extensions vs. Other’ segmentation.

Despite some Twitter scare mongering, you can edit each extension with resetting its performance statistics. You can also set preferred mobile sitelinks, but I will be keeping a close on eye on this and hoping it works better than mobile preferred ads!

Enhanced Campaigns

For me the best feature, that you can now schedule sitelinks, with the right strategy I think this could be a huge plus.

Verdict: Far better than it was

App Extensions

The benefits of the upgraded App Extensions are similar to Sitelink Extensions, you can set these extensions to campaign or ad group level. There is a better level of reporting available, you can edit your App Extension without resetting its performance statistics and you can also schedule dates, days and times.

Enhanced Campaigns

Verdict: Far better than it was

So in summary, the new upgraded features are very (maybe very, very) good, the questions most PPC Managers are asking is “Are they better than what we have lost?” everyone has a different opinion and opinions will change over the coming weeks. Nobody likes change and once we get over that, more people will come around to Enhanced Campaigns. If they had rolled out the enhanced extensions and left devices optional, then this would have been a brilliant upgrade, but I am going to give it time and give it a chance, it could still be a brilliant upgrade.

Download Google’s ‘Upgrading to Enhanced Campaigns’.

*Figures taken from Marin Software’s ‘How Smartphones & Tablets Are Changing Paid Search, 2013 Annual Report’ – Download it here.

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